The Great Southwest Trip 2017

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Saturday, September 16

We were leaving Williams Saturday morning. Candy and Doug were flying out of Phoenix at 4:15 to go back home, and my friend Kelly was flying in at the same time to join me for camping around the Southwest for 11 days. So we figured that if I dropped them off at 2:30 pm, I could pick her up at the same time, and that would work fine.

So we got in the car, and I said, we have a couple of extra hours. What if we stop in Sedona for two hours for shopping and lunch? And that was the plan...which worked, to a point...

I had breakfast in my motel room while Candy and Doug went to the buffet; I just wanted something simple, and wanted time to pack. Unfortunately, I didn't have a spoon or bowl, so had to make do...but it was delicious!

After breakfast we went downtown because the Zombie Game store said they opened at 8. I was skeptical, but Candy went to their website and that's what it said. Here we are at 8:30, after waiting an hour, and they didn't open.

I liked this sign, though.

On the way to Flagstaff, where there is a Del Taco. Civilization at last.

Candy in Sedona, playing with a public xylophone sculpture.

And Javelina art!

We ended up at a kind of pricey Mexican place for lunch, but the food was good, and Doug had a pretty good margarita. And there was silly art on the walls.
As we were walking to the truck, Candy saw a sign for reptile petting...the local animal shelter was out, trying to make people less wierded out by snakes. Candy and I had a WONDERFUL time with the Arizona King Snake and the tiny baby Corn Snake! Doug watched from afar and took some pictures...
And we left Sedona at 12:30, for an hour and forty-five minute drive to Phoenix Airport...except that there was a brushfire, one lane of the freeway was shut down, and traffic slowed to a crawl. On the ONLY WAY to Phoenix. I was driving, we were all trying hard not to stress, and when traffic stopped I was texting Kelly.

We finally pulled up to the airport at 3:05. I hugged everyone, took a quick picture and left. And it took me 20 more minutes to find Kelly because the Phoenix airport has one arrival door on the departures side, and I kept driving by the OTHER side...but finally, I found Kelly and we were off!

We drove through a downtown area where the restaurants were literally running misters on their patios...never seen that before! We went to the Trader Joe's in Scottsdale, and found this awesome bookstore right next door, and managed to find time to go in and shop a bit...

Then we drove south to Picacho Peak KOA to camp for the night. I had been there last year, and it's a decent KOA and well situated for our Sunday plans...except for one small problem...

So we discussed the situation, and decided to just drive to Tucson and spend the night in a motel. I called a Motel 6 and got a room, and we went there. We brought in the food and got it set for camping, I did all my laundry, and Kelly went and found dinner; I had had such a big lunch that I wasn't really hungry. We had some beer, and we talked til midnight, excited about our camping trip.

Picacho Peak

The clouds were beautiful.

An apple, some veggies and a beer. The dinner of champions.