Girls in Vegas!

I was in Vegas for Combatcon, and you can see the pictures and read the stories on this page, but I was also there to have fun with my sister all weekend, and with Margaret, who flew in Saturday night and flew home Tuesday morning when I also left. And here's what we did when we weren't in the convention!

On Thursday, I left Red Rock Canyon State Park in CA and drove to Vegas; I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. I had meant to drive out and see the petroglyphs in Sloan Canyon, but I was just too tired. Checked into our motel and called my awesome sister, who was about an hour behind me. Went and picked up our tickets for the Popovich Family Pet Circus, and after Diana arrived and we cooled down a bit, that's where we went, and it was really fun.
After the show. we stopped at a nail booth outside the theater (big shopping mall) and got some free trial designs. And we had dinner at McMullen's Irish Pub, which is AWESOME. Diana went there just about every morning for breakfast, and loved it.
On the way back, I got Diana to drop me at the Excalibur, so I could find the Wall of Body Parts (the third pic) and gamble a bit. I also took pics of the extremely regimented flowers outside Excalibur, and the surreal towers lighting up the night sky.
Saturday we did Combatcon all day; that night we went to my favorite restaurant (Del Taco, actually, noms!) and went back to our room to chill and wait for Margaret's plane; she got in at 9:15 pm, we went back and dropped her stuff off, blew up the Aerobed that Diana had brought for me to sleep in, and then Margaret and I went to the Onyx Theater to see a play by Charles Busch called Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, about two ancient vampires who had ended up as competing silent film actresses in Hollywood. Silly campy fun, it was great.
After we finished at Combatcon on Sunday, around 4 pm, we went back to the room to nap for a bit, then took off for north Vegas. I wanted to see Snowball, a giant cat head statue (and you can see that it shows up on GoogleMaps, right at the intersection!) and then we were going to go to a Cuban place for dinner. This is the statue, which was ADORABLE. And then we noticed that the building across the street from it had ALL KINDS of great graffiti art on it...
I googled graffiti in vegas afterwards; evidently this is a derilict part of the city, and they are trying to make it an arts district, including encouraging graffiti artists to go to town on the empty buildings. Interesting.
The Cuban place I had been to before was gone, but this one, the Florida Cafe, was open and the food and drinks were great!
After dinner, we dropped Diana off and Margaret and I went to the Bellagio; she wanted to see the fountains and the Chihuly glass ceiling. And there were pretty glass sculptures behind the front desk. They started the fountain show, then stopped it, and these guys had to go out and fix it; after they finished, the show started up again. Kinda fun to watch!
Then we went back in and there was a huge room with ocean/beach/undersea decorations, kinda pretty but gaudy...and then we started reading the signs. Out of eight different signs, SIX had grammatical or spelling errors. Oh my god. We were SCREAMING with laughter by the time we finished. I did like the tile floors, though.
These are from the chocolate shop at the Bellagio; the chocolate fountain, and the mannequin with the chocolate dress.
Caesar's Palace

The changing sky at the Forum shops

One of my favorite statues outside by the sidewalk

Two pics of the spiral escalator, which I love.

After hiking at Red Rock Canyon NCA, Margaret and I ended up at Coco's at 9 pm having ice cream and french fries. Just because we could.