Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, NV

Park Map

On Monday, we had planned to go out to breakfast before Diana left to drive home; we all ended up sleeping in, and nobody wanted to go to breakfast, so I ate mine in the motel room while we got Diana packed up and sent off. Then Margaret wanted to go to breakfast, around 10 am. So I went with her and drank tea while she ate. Then we drove to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which is just west of Vegas; I had driven through it before and had wanted to return and hike there, and Margaret wanted to spend the day drawing and painting while I hiked. We left Vegas around 11 am; I figured we'd spend a couple of hours there, but knowing that Margaret doesn't like heat much, I thought we'd be back in the midafternoon, and then she wanted to go to a Venezuelan place for dinner that we had driven by on Sunday night...
Some kind of cholla.

It was a beautiful day there, sunny and hot (it had been 113 on Saturday, it was probably about 105 that day...)

There is a one-way drive that's about 20 miles that goes around this place. We planned to stop and I would do some hiking and she'd wait near the car and paint and draw. The whole place is full of these beautiful hills, and because it's a BLM site you can hike just about anywhere.
Here I am at the second turnout, which is where Margaret realized that she had lost her sketchbook. We tore the truck apart, then discussed what to do; we ended up driving around the whole loop, going back to the visitor's center and looking everywhere. I even went to the admin building and gave my name and phone number in case someone turned it in. We never got it, and this took about an hour and a half; by the time we realized it was probably gone for good, it was about 1 pm. I changed into better hiking clothes than my green dress, and gaser, about 3 miles.
And it was really gorgeous...but between not having had any lunch and the heat and the fact that I hadn't checked to see if I was going uphill to meet Margaret (I was, about 1000 ft elevation change in 3 miles!) made it a pretty hard hike... by the third turnout I was thrashed, and a couple of nice young men gave me a lift to the next one where M was.
We finished the loop, poked around a bit more, and called it a day around 4 pm. All the pictures above are mine, the six below are hers. This place is beautiful, and I would gladly hike here again!