Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, UT

Park Map

Last year on our trip, i had wanted to come here and at least look around, if not camp. We never made it to this part of Utah, so Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park was definitely on my list for this summer.

The sand here is, as you might think, orangey-coral colored. This is my campsite, which was very nice.
The white flowers are pale evening primroses; on the right is yellow spiderflower.
These are some of the informational signs at the entrance to the designated hiking area of the dunes; hikers and ATV riders share the park, with 10% of the area set aside for people on foot. The other 90% is for vehicles, with rules about how far they have to stay away from any vegetation or people.

Rough Mule Ears

I've often seen beelte tracks in sand dunes, but never seen the beetlesactually making them! This is where a tuft of grass was blown back and forth in the sand by the wind. There were lots of these imprints. This is actually a surface with these rocks held in place by the hardened sand.
More dune patterns. I love this stuff!
Absolutely no idea what this is, but pretty. This is where the ATVs have to enter from the campground, and leave as well; it funnels them into their area without letting them into the 'people only' part. I showed up around 5 pm, so I only saw one vehicle in the sand dunes. I was just as happy about that. Palmer's Penstemon.
And I'm back in my campsite for the night. It sprinkled a bit, but nothing serious. A lovely quiet evening in the sand dunes.

I was going to get up and see the dawn, but I out to the dunes about 7 am.

Another Rough Mule Ear. Wonderful wind-sculpted dunes.
It's past dawn, but the sun hasn't come over the hills yet. A beetle making tracks! And the moon is still up.
This is what the sand actually looks like. Kinda pretty! More light in the sky... And beetle highways!
I think this is a larkspur Beautiful sand patterns And the first light of morning hits the dunes!
More Rough Mulesears My footprints coming back from the big dune Flowers and sand dunes in the early morning light
Two birds that were in the campground as I came back...the little guy on the left looks like he hasn't had his caffeine yet either!