12 Days in Death Valley
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What I Learned in Death Valley

The Two Death Valley Trips of 2015

Our previous trip was in November of 2013. At the end of that trip, we were discussing Spring 2015.

I'll be retired, I said, so for once it doesn't have to be scheduled around the weekends I work.

Good, said my sister Diana, because I'm turning 60 that March, and would love to have my 60th birthday party be our family Death Valley trip.

And so it was planned; the DV trip for 2015 would include Saturday March 28.

Meanwhile, also in 2013, our property manager Tony was talking to Doug, and Doug mentioned my love of Death Valley.

Does she go with SJSU? Tony asked, and Doug said, what do you mean? Tony explained that San Jose State U goes to Death Valley for Spring Break every year, and that non-students are welcome to come along.

As soon as I heard about this, I googled it and found the SJSU FSNH DV page. Wow, I said, that sounds great, but of course I can't go in 2014, we already have plans for the year...maybe in 2015...if Spring Break works with my sister's birthday...

So during the summer of 2014, I emailed Stan Vaughn, who is the coordinator for the trip, and indeed the dates were perfect: SJSU DV was the week leading up to my sister's birthday. So I checked with her, and instead of Wednesday to Monday, we scheduled the family trip for Friday to Wednesday...and it was decided.

And since it was 12 days, which would be a LONG damn web page, and also because it was really two different Death Valley Experiences...I've broken it into two parts, which may be perused at leisure.

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